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Commercial Bank Credit and Debit Card Avurudu Deals 12222 - Seasonal Offers Overseas Operations. Products Services I need to. I need to Offer valid till 30th April Listed Hotels will participate in this promotion. Offer valid for Sri Lankans and Expatriates only.

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All payments to be settled with the Commercial Bank Credit Cards only. The promotion is valid from 01 st March, till 30th April , unless if not specified.

Making big purchases: You can also pay bills using credit cards. To buy expensive things or make big purchases, credit card is an amazing option. With this, you can breakdown the big amount into easy installments to pay month by month. Also, you can pay energy bills or phone bills with a credit card. Build your credit score: If you want to take any type of loan in future, getting a credit card proves beneficial as it increases your credit score. The more loyal you are towards repaying your credit card dues the more chances are there to build a good credit history. Not having a credit history prevents you from getting loans as most of the banks reject such applications.

Welcome Offers: Many banks and financial institutions offer welcome discounts or rewards to lure the customers into taking a credit card. These offers are for limited time duration so when you apply in that time, you get eligible to avail awesome welcome perks.

Reward Points or Cash Back: Every time you make a purchase on your credit card, you receive a few reward points or a cash back reward credited to your account. The reward points can be accumulated to avail various free gifts, while cash back rewards are directly applied to your card account.

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Reward points or cash back gets credited in your account whenever you make a purchase. These reward points can then be redeemed to buy something of that particular amount or also can use these points to pay back the used amount of credit card. Secure Transactions: Transactions performed by credit cards are secure and safe due to a feature called chip and pin system.

While making online payments through credit cards, the payment gateway runs a two tier authentication in which apart from the basic details, the cardholder has to enter an OTP to complete the transaction. However, this feature saves your card from any misuse as if anyone tries to do so, you will get an OTP and that fraudster cannot complete the transaction.

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Track your purchases: Keeping a proper record of cash transactions is difficult but with credit card, you can always download the monthly statement to see all the expenses and maintain a track record. Misuse can ruin your credit score: Since your spending and repaying habits decide the credit score history, misuse must be avoided.

If you are latecomer in paying the credit card balance, it will definitely affect the score. What is a supplementary card and when should I apply for one? What is the difference between Visa, Mastercard, and American Express? However, American Express Amex is somewhat different. Global ATM network allowing you to withdraw cash when you need it. Eligibility Criteria for Credit Cards in Sri Lanka The general eligibility criteria to avail a credit card in Sri Lanka are as follows: If you are applying for a principal credit card, you must be above 21 years The minimum income requirement is LKR15, How do I apply for a credit card in Sri Lanka?

Things to do before and ways to apply for a credit card Do your research: Based on your lifestyle and budget, you can find a right credit card. Do some research and get one: Never miss out on checking the additional benefits you get with the card. Any type of charges or reward points must be assessed to determine if you actually need a credit card.

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If yes, you should know whether you will get any travel miles or cash back on your purchases. Check your credit score: Credit card may get rejected or accepted based on your credit score so make sure to maintain a good record with the bank. If you have a bad credit score, it will take at least 6 months to look good to the bank in order to approve your credit card.

Open the website and submit all the required documents and wait for the approval.

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Online applications are processed fast and take less time than offline mode. But if you are not so aware of online media, go to the bank with all the documents ready and ask the customer service representative to apply your credit card. You can choose to walk into any bank branch nearby your area and fill up the forms to apply for a credit card.

Credit card agents: Sometimes you may find credit card agents at popular crowded places such as supermarkets, shopping malls etc. However, it is quite hard for you to compare and choose the best credit cards given the short period of time to communicate with these agents. Sometimes, your banks may call you to ask if you are interested in applying for certain credit cards from time to time.

Reasons that your credit card may get rejected. Bad credit history: Having bad credit history definitely lands you in a serious problem and you are considered as a risky customer if: Too many loans: Having too many loans is a problem as the issuer doubts your worth and repayment capabilities. Too many credit card applications: Another major factor that leaves the issuer in doubts is having applied for too many applications. Excessive credit card usage: If you are a person who has the bad habits of carrying the monthly limit over to next months, it is a bad impression.

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Bank of Ceylon Credit Cards. Commercial Bank Credit Cards. Hatton National Bank Credit Cards. Nations Trust Bank Credit Cards. Pan Asia Bank Credit Cards. Peoples Bank Credit Cards. Sampath Bank Credit Cards. Seylan Bank Credit Cards. Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards. Important things to consider before choosing a credit card. Follow these things before you choose a credit card: So when you choose a credit card, here are important things to consider: Spending habits The interest rate Credit limit Fees and penalties Balance computation method Incentives Spending habits: Before you take a credit card, you have to analyze your spending habits.

If you are a person who pays the bill on time and do the same for credit card also, then go for a card without any annual fee and a longer grace period. Take a credit card having rewards program feature and good credit limit if you are going to make it the major part of your purchases. A low interest card is best for a person who is going to use it for emergency purposes. So before you take a credit card, here are few features to consider: Cash back: With each purchase, you will get cash back in your account so choosing a card having cash back option will benefit you in the longer run.

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Hotel Promotion Relax at your favourite Aitken Spence hotel with ComBank Credit Cards. Revitalize your home with ComBank Credit and Debit Cards. The promotion is open for all Credit Cards issued by Commercial Bank of rooms will be issued subject to the relevant payment procedure of respective Hotels.

Interest rates: Interest rates vary from card to card so it is essential to check this factor not to get trapped in huge interest rates at the end of your billing cycle. Discounts: The card issuer provides discounts and offers to the cardholders if they make purchases through their partners or tie-up organizations. Reward schemes: Reward points keep on adding whenever you use your credit card to make purchases and benefit you at particular vendors.

You can redeem these points later on so choose credit cards with rewards programs which suits your requirements and spending habits. Card Fees and Charges: Before you choose any credit card, make sure to check all the charges like credit card limit exceed fee, annual fee, reward point fee, international transaction fee, and cash advance fee to save your extra expense. Payments: Maintaining a proper amount in a month is important so take a look at the minimum repayment value to avoid interest rate charges.

Here are few more things to consider when taking a credit card: You must take into consideration the following while applying for a credit card: Check your credit score: By checking your credit score with the bank, you are eligible to get a credit card that offers better benefits. If your score is low, you can get a secured credit card by getting an approval.

You must check which type of credit card will suit your need: To choose the type of credit card you need, it is important to check your expense list. If you are a shopping person, a credit card that offers reward points is good for you. If you are a person who likes dining out with friends or family, a dining credit card is your type of card. Read through the terms and conditions: Before taking a credit card, it is suggested to check the rules, terms and conditions etc. Keep a check on the installment payment plans and balance transfers from the credit card.

Look out for specific features: If you get a card from the issuer that allows you to increase the credit limit automatically without charging any fee, it would be best.

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Ask the company if it offers extra benefits at minimal prices. Compare the card with other banks credit card: Never rush into taking a credit card, rather compare few cards from different banks or institutions. Compare the rewards and cash back you can earn and whichever gives you the best, go for that. Plus, it is important to check whether you are investing in a good credit card to avail the reward point program. However, the effective interest rate represents the true economic cost of carrying a credit card. A credit card is one of the financing options that come with the highest costs.

Annual fee: Banks do charge an annual fee to credit card holders which can be as high as LKR per annum. Before applying for a new card, you should understand your financing situation and see if there is another similar credit card offering a lower fee, or better yet, zero promotional annual fees. Other charges: Always read the fine print to discover if there are any additional charges that could be imposed by the bank such as a foreign transaction fee, dynamic currency conversion, cash advance fee, balance transfer fee, and late payment fee. Minimum income requirement: Before approving your credit card application, banks will need to know your income level.

Be sure to check if you meet the minimum income requirement before applying for your credit card. Credit Score: You need to make sure your credit score is at a healthy level. Cashback Benefit: Credit cards that come with cashback features would require you to comply with several terms and conditions. First, you need to spend a minimum amount every month in order to be eligible for the maximum cashback rate offered by the banks. Next, you need to look at the maximum cap of cashback rates as some banks may impose this to certain credit cards. Then, you should carefully look at the categories of spending that are entitled to cashback features.

Reward Points Benefit: Just like cashback credit cards, there are different tiers for the amount of rewards points that you can earn based on the spending category. The Pros Speed and Efficiency: A credit card is really easy to carry along as you can keep it in your wallet while on the go. Huge amount of paper money can cause a problem as you cannot carry it in public transportation but using a credit card is actually easy. While shopping, all you need is to swipe the card and make the payment by entering the PIN number or signature to complete the transaction.

Protection: If you want to avail the real benefits of a credit card, you should choose purchase protection plan to get coverage against any theft or damage. The card issuers offer this protection to make sure that if in any case the card gets lost, you get a replacement as per the policies. Buy-now-pay-later: As talked earlier, this concept is pretty amazing as you can buy anything at any time you want if you are short of liquid cash. If you fail to pay back the money within the specified duration, you will have to pay the price as well as some interest at the end of every month.

Taking a card with added perks is good as you get cashback, rewards and travel etc. These benefits are applicable if you are a responsible credit card user or else the reward points get cancelled each month with the interest charged on the unpaid balance. Emergency aid: Paying money in emergency is possible with credit card as and when there is not ATM machine near you to withdraw funds.

It provides complete security buy helping you pay the money with a single swipe and then you can pay back the money later on. When suddenly you are out of cash or debit card gets stuck, credit card comes as a life saver. Good for your credit score: Paying bills on time and using the card responsibly earns you good credit score in the bank or financial institution. The Cons The debt trap: To avoid debt trap, you should always pay off more than the minimum amount or if possible, the entire amount.

It is very common to forget that you are actually using credit card and not the debit card for which payment is being deducted from your bank account. In the case of credit card, you have to pay back the used money always and failing to do so months on months make you fall into a nasty debt cycle which is then hard to recover. Of course, a credit card is easy to use but it has severe bad effects like huge interest charges if you lose track of your expenses.

Hidden charges and fees: To take a credit card, make sure to ask the issuer about hidden charges and fees if any. Other than annual charges and interest fee, the credit card has some creepy charges as well that come up once you start using the card. All these hidden charges appear in the monthly statements that includes penalties and late payment fee etc. So read the terms and conditions carefully before jumping on to grab a credit card. We do not guarantee the offers that Starwood Hotels provides. Discover Now Close.

It's only fair you get the best Enjoy the lowest interest rate in the market starting from 3. Rewards limitless, flexible and redeemable. Download the Mobile App Now. Proceed to Online Banking. Commercial Bank of Dubai P. Box: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.