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http://mail.amandasleep.com/enter-the-dance.php This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. Unused clothing, jewelry, collectibles, and tools can all fetch a pretty penny if you can find the right buyer for them. The easiest way to reach a wide range of buyers is to sell your stuff online.

There are plenty of sites to choose from, but the biggest by far are Amazon and eBay. The question is, which one is better? To answer that question, you have to consider three main factors. If it is, you have to consider how much work it takes and how much it costs. To choose between Amazon and eBay, the first thing you need to know is what kind of items you can list for sale on each site.

Amazon currently has over 30 categories of goods for sale, but only some of these are open to all sellers. In general, Amazon is more oriented toward selling new products than used ones. The site accepts used goods, but only in certain categories. In addition to these, there are several categories available only to sellers who have a Professional account.

These include automotive parts and tools, business products, collectible coins, jewelry, fine art, foodstuffs of any kind, industrial and scientific equipment, luggage and travel accessories, computers, professional services, sports collectibles, video recordings, and watches. In many cases, you need approval from Amazon to list items in these categories. The Amazon seller page has additional details.

To sell through this program, you must complete an application online, which is separate from the registration process for an Individual or Professional account. EBay started as an online auction site where people could sell their unwanted goods to the highest bidder. Thus, the site has always been more open to secondhand goods than Amazon. In general, you can sell pretty much anything on eBay, either new or used. Some are banned for safety reasons, others to comply with local laws. For a complete list of banned and restricted items, or to see more details about any particular item, visit the eBay Customer Service site.

To sell items on either Amazon or eBay, you have to follow the same basic steps: set up an account, then list your items for sale, and finally ship them out to buyers. The site for setting up an Amazon sales account is called Seller Central. The process has five steps:. All you need to sell goods on eBay is a basic eBay account. The site also gives you the option of setting up an account for a business.

However, if all you want to do is sell your unwanted stuff, a personal account is a better choice.

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And i havent put my profit yet. So, this buyer just keeps on doing this, I watch helplessly as more and more feedbacks from sellers pile up on this scammers account telling of the same sad story, forced a return but sent empty return package getting away with the item and the money. I should be protected with buyer protection but this could be a scam because even if i get my money back they keep the keyboard and the money as well. It's been a real eye opener. The problem is you never get the car. Shop eBay motors for a safe and guaranteed way to shop online for used vehicles.

If you have a Professional account, you can list items on Amazon in large batches. Otherwise, you must list them one at a time. You can find the UPC for most items on the original product package. If you no longer have the package, you must either contact the manufacturer to get the code or apply to Amazon for a new one. These include:. It includes such extra features as a visitor counter, which lets you see how many people have viewed a listing, and lots, which allow you to sell multiple items to one buyer with just one listing.

However, using some of these features costs an extra fee. After you create your listing, the site will ask you to confirm your details and add an automatic payment method to cover your eBay fees. You can use a credit card, PayPal, or direct debit from your bank account. The site may also ask you to verify your identity to keep your accounts secure. You can do this by providing a telephone or credit card number. When someone buys your product, Amazon sends you an email to let you know, and you ship the product to the buyer.

The site sends you a notice whenever it transfers a payment to you. It can take up to five days for the money to appear in your bank account. There are two ways to find out when someone buys one of your items on eBay. You are responsible for shipping out an item when it sells. However, eBay offers several tools to help you with the process. The site can also provide tips on how to package your items.

Once the item sells, eBay transfers the payment to your account. How long it takes depends on the payment method:. You can easily check prices on either site to see what other sellers are charging for similar items, which will give you a good idea of how much to ask for yours. The fees the sites charge for sellers will eat into your profits, so before you start selling, you need to figure out how much each one will cost you.

Amazon has two separate pricing plans: Individual and Professional. That means the Individual plan is a better value if you want to sell up to 40 items each month, and the Professional plan is a better deal if you expect to sell more than that. Both Amazon and eBay offer a safe and simple way to sell your extra stuff online and get a good price for it. For most sellers, fees will be lower if you sell on eBay. So if you have a lot of this type of item to sell, Amazon could be the cheaper choice. It takes a bit more work to set up a seller account on Amazon, but once you have your account, listing individual items is usually easier.

If you only have a few items to sell, eBay is probably the better choice. All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories. Read more. Advertiser Disclosure X Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. Amy Livingston. Views 1. Share This Article. Dig Deeper. Extra Income. Follow MoneyCrashers. Trending Articles. But it is also your fault for not doing enough research with high risk items.

Ebay itself is a scam, I have been selling on ebay for 10 years and have never won when a buyer disputes anything, Last time was ,I sold a rare wheat penny for If you're selling a vintage piece of Electronics check the buyers feedback. They are actually switching out you're good one with a bad one, of gutting yours for parts! They constantly do this with computing. Think about it. Why is this person buying yours when they sell those? You just want to cancel the sale, bar them, and re-list.

Does that make sense? The Biggest scam on ebay is people switching out their bad thing with your good item. Many, many unscrupulous people use this to their advantage. Record albums are just notorious for doing this. Also vintage electronics! You can't give them negative feedback because all buyers are saints. It's literally a license to steal, and they do! I would heavily suggest not even trying to sell the above mentioned things. But if you do, look out for these warning signs.

The buyer is a pain in the ass. Contacting you several times prior to bidding about things nobody else ever does.

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They've actually been accused of mail fraud in the past, and by using their shipping account, it lessens their accountability if you resist a refund and accuse them of hanky panky. Attention ebay sellers! Ebay is misleading you and if someone like me, a buyer doesn't tell you, you'll never know it's happening so please read my latest experience.

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Like every buyer, I place items in my watch list for comparison. The "delete" tabs used to remove items are nonexistent. Nothing there. I contacted ebay explaining the problem. They told me that my browser needed to be updated and in the meantime, they could delete any items for me. Wait a minute. Every function on the ebay website is working except for my ability to delete items from my watch list and your telling me it's caused from a browser needing an update?

That's a stupid answer. No, it's not an answer. It's an excuse. Anyway, get this. They went on to tell me that if I needed items deleted in the future to call them and they would do it for me. I refuse to contact ebay every time I want items deleted from my watch list but that's just what ebay wants to hear.

If your a seller and you have "watchers" on your listing but it doesn't sell, you are more apt to relist that item in hopes it sells the second time. Unknown to you, those watchers like me are not watching your item, we just can't delete it from our watch list. The proof is in the pudding as they say so check your own watch list and see if your able to delete items from there.

If not, ebay has a new, "unnoticeable" scam for it's sellers. How about these EBay accounts or profiles that once you check out their reviews you see repetitious reviews! Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended, no problems! From: TightRope And is there a Government Agency regulating such actions? I sent buyer a Proof silver eagle in the mint box with COA.

Buyer now claims the coin is not a proof but just a regular Silver eagle. When I get it I am sure it will be a regular Silver eagle as a know the buyer will switch coins keeping the Proof and returning a regular coin. I will no longer permit refunds on Proof coins as this is an easy scam to perpetrate. I was thrilled when I found a Bunn single serve coffee maker on eBay for So I clicked to buy it and proceeded to fill out the information to complete my purchase.

Once I completed the sale, I then received the confirmation of my purchase showing that I bought a Hamilton Beach personal coffee maker instead! So I immediately called the customer service to let them know. It has been a hassle and I am stuck with a cheap coffee maker that I could have bought at Walmart for much less.

I think that eBay should be responsible for these bogus deals online portraying to be eBay sellers or sights. I ordered an item from an online store In Us and i never received any of the items, So glad i was able to meet a recovery expert who helped me recover my lost. You can contact them on wavefinancialservices at protonmail dot com. I always check how long they've been a member of the site.

If it is an unusually short time like 1 or 2 days and they're seeming really sketchy. It's probably too good to be true. They get item half of YOUR money back and then they get to sell your item for the going price. This happens endlessly to sellers in electronics.

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This just happened to me. Buyer states it does not work. Too, heavy to return because postage is costly. I will never sell electronics or heavy items on Ebay again. There are too many scammers. Not sure how this scam works. I refused to do this and checked the address in Houston Texas which turned out to be a empty warehouse. The recipient had a Nigerian name which was the same as a deceased Nigerian ex vice president. Now I knew it was really a scam and notified ebay and paypal as they had used a bona fide ebayers account.

But if I had sent the thing how would they con me? I know the payment would have bounced and my item would end up lost in the postal system so where's the benefit to them? Beware; high priced scam operating currently whereby the item for sale is a Land Rover defender The scammers fake eBay and PayPal emails but they look absolutely genuine. Maybe a PayPal charge back. New message from: I'm okay with the condition and I'm ready for its purchase, I will proceed with the deal by paying through PayPal due to the eBay payment medium and my work frame and location, mover people will come over to your location for the pick up after the payment is cleared in your account, kindly text me on with the detail for the payment firm price and PayPal email.

It seems like a scam but trying to figure out their angle I recently ordered a dress from e bay. I noticed 2 identical orders went through and I was charged twice. I eventually received 1 dress that was in screwed up in small bag like a rag. E bay closed the case, no appeal allowed. So I then asked them to show a second tracking no, for to prove they had delivered 2 dresses!

Lesson learnt. I used to buy silver on Ebay, coins, bars artifacts. A few times when I found out the item wasn't silver, a funny thing happened. When I went back to find the transaction, there was no information about it. It is hard to get your money back in that case. I had a buyer request a return because she couldn't resell for more money. When I called ebay about this I was advised by the eBay rep that yes they did it and I would not be getting my money or my item back. I was told next time I better just accept the return or I was going to learn a very expensive lesson.

Are you kidding me?!? This is stealing and eBay is the one running the show. So buyers are actually making money off sellers as well as is eBay because they also take their fees out of the money. So ebay is basically knowingly and admittingly running a theft ring and based on the supervisor I spoke with very proud of it. How are they allowed to do this? Here's something interesting that happened to me as a seller, but not necessarily a scam.

I sold a gameboy color game on eBay for about 18 dollars. The transaction was smooth and they received the item. Then I got a message from the buyer trying to get me to partially refund them 4. I stated nothing in the listing about whether the battery was good or not. I called eBay to ask how I should respond. They told me to tell them that I am not liable for the internal battery and they can return the item if they are not satisfied. I heard nothing from the buyer, so they probably decided to keep it since it was a great deal in the first place.

So at least the seller is not liable for everything in all instances.

Just beware of buyers trying to squeeze extra money back out of you when you aren't responsible. Don't count on it, if the buyer had requested a return you would have to refund both purchase price and shipping or eBay would have. Plus you probably wouldn't have gotten item back either. If you think I'm joking start selling and see what happens. Associate told me that for every one seller who stops selling 10 new ones start selling so they won't be siding with buyers anytime soon.

I was cheated by ebay by advertising a MIG gasless welding machine worth I think 15 dollars is the price of that unit. When I paid it through my VISA card deducted after one day they emailed me that the item I bought is no longer available. My question is why they are posting an item which is not available. When I looked back on ebay the nest day, the item i bought is now worth more than dollars.

So they did tricked me with a very low price. Once they get my money they say it is now out of stock and they will post the item on its original price. My 15 doll,ar is gone and they never communicated me for the refund. The seller of this store is evil. Another thing to watch out for, though not technically a scam is the intermediate reseller. These people will find an item for a good price online and then list it at a higher price on eBay, typically as a BIN sale.

If you bite, they order it and have it shipped directly to you, pocketing the difference without ever having touched the item. There's nothing illegal about any of this, but do you really want to pay someone to place an online order for you? Do an internet search for the item off eBay, find the best price, and order it direct from the source. You may not only save money, but you will not lose protections that may only apply to the actual purchaser, which as far as the company is concerned, isn't you. One ebay scam is to offer a very expensive item ,,,ie.

A car at a greatly reduced price. Be warned ,,. I was cheated by a buyer that eBay backed even though it was obvious from the buyer's emails that he was lying. I was an occasional seller, not a regular, high volume merchant, and when I sell, it has been a one of a kind item, an antique, or as several sales, vintage motorcycles that I rebuilt. I sold an antique to a buyer who immediately claimed that it was not authentic but added that he would buy it at a reduced price, anyway.

I refused. He made a claim, I argued against it. Paypal released the funds to me and I thought it was the end of the issue. I went out of town on a business trip and was rural so I couldn't see emails. EBay conducted a "review" and gave me two days to respond. I was not there to respond so they awarded a refund to the buyer. I tried to communicate with eBay and object but they repeatedly refused to accept my proofs and I had many, including authentication of the item by an online dealer via good photos of the item.

EBay rep claimed that antiques cannot be authenticated online, which is not true, even the Antique Road Show has an online service. Every eBay service rep I talked to via email asserted that after the decision is made, it cannot be reversed even though they engaged me in email conversations about it and lied on several occasions including the above regarding authenticating antiques.

The reps were also obviously limited in diplomacy and practiced in lying in order to deflect factual confrontations on a juvenile level, it was that obvious. It has remained there. I refuse to pay eBay a refund of the money I first received in payment and they have sent their collection agency after me. I have written them a certified letter informing them that I will take the matter to a specialty attorney group if they persist. I have not heard anything for a while, but eBay continues to pile on late charges.

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I may seek to initiate a lawsuit against eBay. I hope there is cause for class action. I am sure this has happened to others. Don't use eBay!!! All stores online or mortar and brick have issues. I have been a buyer and seller on Ebay for years. Considering the times I have bought and sold I am not dissatisfied. When dealing with the volume of transactions Ebay does there are bound to be unhappy people. As in any sales venue it is up to the buyer to be alert, the seller also. This takes time and work and most folks aren't willing until it affects them personally. Early on I paid attention and as a seller I continue to learn, that's how I came across this site.

Be alert and follow rules, that how I roll. It's as if you didn't read my story. And you offer no advice, just a brag that you follow the rules and imply that I must not have. I have bought and occasionally sold on for years myself. Ebay has policies that favor the buyer and also has policies that aren't as flexible as they ought to be. Aside from that, outright lying to me on the phone about the fact of online antique authentication is not a good business practice and legally challengeable.

I kept the emails and can show Ebay's liability. I have warned the collection agency and they have backed off. My next move is for a class action. One was started a few years back in SF, but the outcome is unclear. I will probably try to join it or engage the attorney in a new one. No Ebay user should have to be forced to accept a cheating party, ever. Volume sellers have said that they accept being cheated by a buyer once in a while as part of doing business. I was a seller once in a while and sold expensive antiques. When you get cheated by a buyer of a one of a kind thing, then talk to me.

Otherwise, if you haven't got helpful advice for getting better solutions from Ebay in problem cases, know that no one needs to hear how proper you are. Please let me know if you file a class action suit as I will gladly join. I state all over my posts its an empty box. Others maybe not have had such a fortunate life with the gene pool or socio-economics and therefore not literate or intelligent enough to distinguish.

I'd say that pretty much makes up the majority of your 'Moronic' customer base there. I got scammed by a buyer. I finally got eBay to give me a refund via the BBB, but this buyer has continued to do the same scam to more than half a dozen people that I know of for sure in the short space of less than two months and eBay has not shut the buyer down. This buyer had a different account that eBay did shut down before the account they scammed me under. The scam they used was not listed above but it is one that eBay facilitates openly.

The buyer buys something and when they receive it they open a return request claiming the item arrived damaged. I had read the buyer's feedback after the return had been opened and I saw that other sellers had claimed fraud, so I saw what was coming and I refused the return. The buyer escalated the return to a case against me and eBay's system automatically approved the return and sent her a return label at my expenses well as put a defect on my account.

When the return package arrived it was EMPTY but delivery confirmation showed it as delivered so eBay gave the buyer their full out of my Pay Pal account. I appealed as well as reported the buyer for abuse of the returns policy but eBay upheld their decision saying there was no way to prove the empty package was the buyer's fault and that it was a matter for my local law enforcement not eBay. So, this buyer just keeps on doing this, I watch helplessly as more and more feedbacks from sellers pile up on this scammers account telling of the same sad story, forced a return but sent empty return package getting away with the item and the money.

I understand protecting buyers, but this is ridiculous, when multiple sellers are reporting this kind of fraud eBay needs to shut down the buyer. They say they protect buyers to keep them shopping on eBay, but by not protecting sellers some will walk and hence lowers sales. All I can say is shame on eBay. I wish there was another truly viable market place for me to sell my items so I could walk away from eBay. Your experience is similar to what I just went through making me feel used and abused by EBay and the buyer.

I am a new seller but now I have taken my few items off the market since this experience -selling my very nice used brand purses and shoes. I thoroughly researched the market to price fairly , listed every possible detail , measurement , any flaw if there was any, and the maximum ten clear photos. The buyer had 13 photos and three additional emails with questions answered and bought the item. I remained polite and civil throughout correspondence and felt this was not a legitimate claim and I was going to be charged from EBAY the shipping charges!

Somehow magically fraudulently? I did not authorize any of this but now was going to be charged shipping and label fee. Now I really had a bad vibe about the condition my purse would be returned in since this buyer was dishonest. I opened the box and this buyer marked up my previously beautiful purse with ink pen and poked a small hole in the bottom with the pen where I had photographed prior so I had before shipping and now after return pictures.

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Sell your tech and save on final value fees on up to 5 items. Please note: Invited sellers must activate the Promotion by selecting “Activate offer” from within the invitation email, the Promotion landing page, or from within the Promotional Offers module within My eBay. How to know when eBay promotions are right for you, plus review examples of when they can hurt you as a seller.

This buyer damaged the purse and stained it to cause s large discoloration on the leather rendering it useless for me to re-sell it even usd it myself. EBAY said they would close the case and issue the buyer her refund. They said they would look into this buyer. I researched this buyer too and saw tgat she was an extensive Ebayer with thousands of transactions and took adavantage of the return policy that dudes with the buyer and not the seller. I am disgusted to be charged fees for things that were supposed to be free and have removed my remaining items from EBay.

I have been a regular ebay buyer since On a recent printer purchase something new happened. The seller sold the item as "used" explaining in great detail in the description of what the printer could and could not do. I agreed and purchased. On several subsequent emails, the seller demanded I acknowledge that this was a "parts only" sale. When I did not, the seller cancelled the transaction. I contacted ebay and they are in complete agreement with the seller.

I made out alright because I was not willing to fall for it. Mind you, it wasn't till I spoke to the third representative from ebay, that I was told after sale emails will over-ride the item description and are the final say if you agree. Beware of sellers that need to "clarify" things before shipping. They are looking for a loophole to sell you something that in fact most likely is SNAD significantly not as described and make you get stuck with it. The only clarification ever necessary is an accurate an honest item description, anything else is an attempt at fraud.

I was the opposite of this. The honest seller with a dishonest buyer. EBAY sides with the buyer. The buyer knew the loopholes. I added invoice at attach. When I bought it. I wrote note to seller. We are living Canada and we are using volt electric system. Please if you doesn't have to volt don't sent to me.

The seller sent to me and wrong items. I back to eBay i told them. They told to me. You have to contact with the seller. I call eBay customer service and i explained my status. They contact with seller and the seller accept the return but they told me you will pay shipping cost to England. I said why I am paying shipping cost in my pocket. So the seller emails coming again a few days later. I call back to eBay I explained again. They told me you have to be contact with seller I said all complain they are backing late 2 different person writing different things.

After that I contact to with eBay I got address. I will ask the warehouse to check with neighbours to see if they received the parcel. You are an idiot. Problem solved. It's not the sellers responsibility to make sure you buy the right item. This is on you. Shop the right way next time. Sorry you have to contact before purchase. We dont have to read the notes sent or even acknowledge them. Thats like if i sent you a note saying on second hand the item is actually broken and ill be sending it anyway. So you bought an item without first making sure you could use it.

Then the seller ships you exactly what he listed. Even though the seller did nothing wrong he agreed to accept a return. You are either one of the dumbest people alive or wrote this as a joke. Seller opens an Ebay account, and offers something at a reasonable, but not illogical price saw it cheaper on Amazon during Prime Day. I purchased the item. Shipper looks into it, and calls me back to inform me that the buyer on the invoice and owner of credit card used did not make this purchase. No problem, Later that night, after contacting the Ebay seller demanding a tracking number for the item I purchased, the number I was given was the aforementioned package that I had received, and was ready to ship back.

So, basically, these sellers are setting up accounts on Ebay, selling items to you, then purchasing the items with stolen credit card information to have it shipped to the buyer. Once it's shipped, and an Ebay buyer who may not be as suspicious of the invoice, assuming there is one , will leave them positive feedback, and PayPal will release the funds to them. If you're a buyer, you have nothing to worry about; eBay will fully back your purchase with their money back guarantee if things go south If you're a seller, you're basically at the mercy of the buyer and you just have to pray that your buyer is an honest, decent human being.

But unfortunately, this is eBay, so that is a bit too much to ask. Buyer buys item, fraudulently files an item significantly not as described refund request which automatically requires the seller to pay for the return shipping, buyer swaps item with a broken one or salvage for parts. I say to hell with that. I hope eBay realize that without sellers, there wouldn't be any products to list and thus no revenue for eBay. I found this out earlier this year. I have a standoff with eBay's collection agency now. They released the buyer's payment to me and then reversed it while I was absent due to a new request by the buyer to review the case.

I would not refund and cut off Paypal from my bank to prevent the grab. I've replied to the agency via certified mail that I will go to a law group if they persist. Still waiting to see, but I may go ahead with action anyway. There must be enough people with similar histories for a class action lawsuit against eBay. Sellers offer free shipping for an item.

It shows up in Search when you specify Free Shipping. Because they offer it, you can't give them fewer than 5 stars for shipping cost in feedback. BUT - when it shows up in your Purchase History, high shipping costs have been added in the invoice. Ebay could prevent this easily by making it impossible to add postage to a "free shipping" item on the invoice page. They should: this is hurting honest sellers very much, since people no longer believe anyone's promise to send an item free and bid accordingly.

Free shipping is a scam. There is no such thing as Free shipping. You'll be leaving their facility with your box. The cost of shipping is always rolled into the product cost which is BAD for you as a buyer. Because if you ever buy more than one item it is impossible to combine shipping since that shipping cost is rolled into product cost. The highest cost based on distance is also the amount that is rolled in so that you don't lose money on shipping to buyers that are further away, so people closer are paying way more than the guy that's on the edge of the earth.

We sellers love when you buy more than one item, we get all that extra money rolled into the shipping cost. Most of my buyers are not idiots though and they shop by total price, so I charge shipping and offer combined so they can actually save some money. That is why I charge shipping on the sheet music I sell in my eBay store, with free shipping only for additional ones. I pay the extra cost. Otherwise, people who buy more than one would be paying too much. Another fun fact ebay buyer protection no longer covers you for any seller who has less than 20 positive feedback.

I personally bought 5 items from sellers with under 20 positive seller feedback, I was told on the phone and via email, they do not cover anyone with that low amount of feedback no matter what the item is. Wait, so if they seller never ships an item ebay can't help even though they're below 20 positive reviews? I don't think this is right.

The OP will never back up his statement that there is no buyer protection for purchases from sellers with less than 20 feedback because it's an absolute lie. Who know's why people make this shit up, but the OP is one of those people. Some idiot REP lied to you. New sellers with less than 20 feedback would be the sweet spot for a thieving scammer. Ebay wouldn't leave buyers hanging on protection for low feedback sellers, they are the most likely to be new scammers.

Post the email, you're bullshitting everyone. Post the email or it didn't happen. Nieuw bericht aan: amazinggrace it's beyond words Ebay, i was not active for maybe 2 years, but now, its really, beyond imagination, so bad. Than you cannot talk to them, not even email, i tried to put negative feedback, even thats not working, its Its evil. One day in I ordered a new iPhone 5 it said it would com in a week but but it actually came in two weeks,but when it came it was fake! So file your SNAD and follow the instructions to get your money back and don't waste time looking for anything of value on ebay again.

With the ease at which a buyer can steal your merchandise on that site now, you won't find anything of real value on ebay soon enough. You're probably shit out of luck though because I'll put money on you buying that phone from china because you bought based on lowest cost despite any red flags because that's how cheap people shop. One time in I ordered a iPhone 5 it said it would be there in a week and it came in two weeks but when it came it was fake!

Always be aware of Ebay Scams!!! A scam I encountered and want everyone to not fall for this: asking the buyer to wait for a shipment while the time limit to open an eBay case to dispute the purchase has passed and feedback cannot be left for the transaction. My lesson: The seller qualityzoneonline repeatedly asked me to wait a few days more on the shipment and also claim a second shipment has been sent and still nothing.

PayPal investigated and found the tracking is not valid or have no activity. They also ask me to check my address and my post office. Contacting eBay pass their 30 day limit is almost of no use and no negative feedback can be left. Bottom line, don't buy anything that can't be delivered in weeks. It's a scam they're running where they will scam a small amount of buyers just to keep a good rating to make up for the low price they offer.

That has happened to me as well. And never will I wait past any time. Infact so sick of these scams after being on ebay since I am closing my account. So I was recently selling a laptop on ebay and I got this text from someone saying they wanted to purchase it immediately. I was a bit surprised because they offered me more than what I was asking for. The strange thing was that they wanted it shipped to Africa. I asked them why there and they said she was on a business trip. Then they asked that I send it out as soon as possible. I said it would have to wait and they never replied.

This will deter scammer away from buying your product and scamming you! That disclaimer will not protect you in any way shape or form. It's almost taunting a fraud buyer to mess with you. The latest scam is I purchased a tablet from someone on ebay. They never sent it, never posted a tracking number. Finally when I put a case out, they posted a tracking number and attached it to my purchase. The item said it was delivered on my account, but it was not. I called UPS only to find that an envelope the tracking slip said it weighed 1 ounce to a business address in my zip code area.

On the envelope it said "Surprise! They kept telling me it was mailed. A computer weighs more than 1 ounce last time I checked. I got my monet back, but this opens up a whole other realm of BS on ebay. Yup, Happens to me twice! Luckily the local UPS folks knows me by now and gave me a very clear evidence to get eBay to refund.

This scam is complicated by the fact that UPS will never say what is the actual address on the package. Dear buyers beware of requests from sellers asking you to pay on PayPal but put payment down as a gift so they don't have to pay income tax. This is the scam you will never receive the item you purchased and the gift request is not refundable by PayPal only refunds for goods purchased.

Putting "gift" on an international package does not exempt them from "Income Taxes", it has absolutely nothing at all to do with income tax. YOU are supposed to pay the income tax on that item because you made the income! They want that to avoid paying Tax or Duty fees at customs when the package is imported into their country. This doesn't effect your protection.

Your package most likely didn't have any tracking on it passed customs. If the buyer filed INR and you had no tracking, you lose the case. What you put as the contents would have no bearing on that at all. That leaves an Unauthorized Use chargeback that would be won by providing a tracking number that just shows transit, no need for delivery. We went outside of eBay and sure enough, as soon as they received the item they used the exact same wording and phrasing as this article mentions.

However, I made payment via PayPal, so I actually sent his complaint straight to them with a copy of the original listing and copies of the emails and texts we had exchanged and they sided with me and backed me regarding his threats. I never had to refund him his money. So if you do decide to go outside of eBay, there should be a little comfort knowing PayPal can make their own judgments. I just had a scan ebay email telling me they haven't heard from me in awhile.

They wanted to update my account. I trashe'd that fake one so fast. You have two options. One, you can require your buyers to purchase shipping insurance to protect yourself against this kind of thing. NOT true!!! I sold like new microphone and put no refunds. Buyer said it wasn't working and was lying. He stated cable didn't come with it. I never said cable included. This is what he said. Then he said since my microphone doesn't work he wants refund. After I had to open investigation eBay finally refunded me for the purchase!

I said no refunds and eBay first didn't care. Until I called and complained and showed pics of microphone and stated buyer didn't even TEST microphone as he stated he bought new one at Best Buy. So even IF you put No Refunds it's a battle Yes the new ebay terms of service do not allow you to list with no refunds, Even tho it is an option they do not allow it, I have gotten over a dozen refunds from buyers who list as no returns or refunds, The only way to avoid the scam with damage is list the posting, Item As Is, Never! That won't protect you either. You could list used underwear and the buyer could complain there's a hole in it and you'd still lose the case.

Their buyer protection is on all items, not just new. You are wrong. Buyer requested. Refund due to damaged box. Supervisor told me I didn't list every imperfection on box before she hung up on me.

This is What an eBay Seller Does All Day

They gave you a courtesy refund to shut you up. It sounds like they didn't make that clear. Just in case you are open to learning about ebay, No Returns does not apply when the buyer claims damage to an item weather they are telling the truth or not. Once that is filed, not only are you taking returns, you're paying for the shipping to return the package to you if you want it back. They'll claim it's a cost of doing business.

Guaranteed they gave you a "courtesy adjustment". Then the 'where my stuff' emails start flag 4 - shock and awe. Here is where they want you to argue or make promises they can then hold you to later dont bite. Then they state their hardships, what theve gone through ect.. Merry Christmas. I just got scammed from a buyer who insisted he needed the email I use with my PayPal account in order to transfer the funds. Then, he started sending me false PayPal emails good forgeries which said that the funds had been received and I was clear to send the item.

More than 24 hours after I inputted the tracking number into the eBay mobile app, eBay tells me that the sale has been cancelled due to suspicious activity. For me, it was paymentservices. Nowhere on the site can I find a method of contact without inputting my item ID number and they've totally deleted all record of the sale. I will never use eBay again, even as a buyer since they have no interest in protecting users or maintaining any level of professionalism. And there are articles on how eBay has shut down all avenues of contacting customer service. Highly disturbing. I suppose I will be going through PayPal's complaint department now since I now find PayPal untrustworthy for partnering on such a huge scale with a now-disreputable platform.

How to make money on eBay ($1,000 cash in just 37 minutes)

And don't promise 1 day handling time because that put me against the gun as I was trying to fit things in between my work schedule and didn't make the time to thoroughly go over these things. This is an old scam, it's called "Phishing" and you fell for it. It's not ebay nor Paypals fault that you fell for a scam where the scammer contacted you directly and you fell for their email. Next time, log into your paypal account to make sure that the payment is even there.

Maybe you don't have to bother since you take no responsibility at all for this and place all blame on other parties. We have sold the same game code 3 times this week and all three have been scams. Thank God my husband did not give the code through ebay messages or we would be out the money for the code. All three have asked us to send them the codes through email, and when my husband answers No, suddenly the account has been reported hacked.

It's shown on eBay often enough: A video game loose and with all its items shown - just no shrink wrap. How about bulk a refurbished laptop from a licenced dealer and tech fir hp and Microsoft and when I open the box they are paying waiting in the computer and proceed to drain me slowly abs screw with my life ever so slowly. The real fun didn't really kick into gear until the return window was gonever and passed. Then the real fun began. Is neb a nightmare a dang near undetectable Trojan worm hacker nightmare. Even paid versions of high dollar malware and root removers couldn't touch them.

I thought I was losing my mind. It's still in the balance. Trying to get my home work done trying to watch what they are doing so I can gain my life back. Phone harassment corrupted files register errors but I look is ask running fine according to my house and Microsoft crew of hackers I man tech support. It's been a real eye opener. I've learned more than I ever cared to about this subject the last year.

I just got scammed from a user who claimed my item was faulty. It certainly was not, but eBay sided with the seller. The eBay rep was really rude over the phone. It was honestly shocking. I will never use eBay gain, except to buy. Buyers are coveted like the last slice of cake at a birthday party. I hope these kinds of scams end soon, because this one hit me pretty hard. I sold a lens. I tested it fully. I should of known something was suspicious as even before I shipped it this buyer kept telling me I will be hearing from him soon I also sold it as is even though I fully tested it and used it myself The seller contact me and told me it was defective.

I tested this just before packaging!

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I said I will pay for it to be shipped back for me and the full refund! He said hell no. He told me EBay now says it belongs to him and he gets a full refund of everything. Never again. And I am ending my account with them. Since ebay now also has their offices outside of north america for customer service they can keep their service. Their commision is overly priced as well!

They set up their service to help out the scammers. Someone is using an eBay motor account and trying to get u to buy a really nice car for cheap. Telling you to buy a iTunes card to pay.

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Don't fall for it. I'm glad I found out before they got my money. Valuable post. I am thankful for the information. I take immediate photos of every item in the box on the scale before sealing it. I'm not saying I won't run into a scammer because I will but I haven't yet. Knock on wood. Lol read over ebays new terms of service, NO REFUNDS is no longer allowed along with all sellers must pay return shipping, So being a seller you get to pay to send the item and pay just to get it back, In shipping cost alone you could pay the value of an item.

I recently tried to buy a mini Nintendo classic edtion on ebay for I never got an email from ebay saying why the listing was removed. I suspect the other person that bought one paid for it and then the listing was removed. I messaged him asking what happened and no response from him anymore. It's missing one that I have been the victim of. This way, when you report you didn't receive it, eBay simply favors the seller as it shows "delivered to your city". You need to prove from the post office that it actually went to a different address which is not easy in itself. Please report this buyer also to ebay.

Be aware of this scam buyer. Ebay and paypal are crooks. Stick with local Craigslist cash only, face to face. Buyer bought high value item, claims immediately that item is not as described, tried to extort money from me but asking for partial refund - to get item even cheaper. I refuse and ask her to return in 3 days and receive a full refund. She stalls says needs more time. I remind her I have no return policy. She says, that doesn't count with not as described. She opened case, ebay ask her to return item but gives her 2 weeks to do so.

She returns a fake item, in an amazon box with amazon prime tape? Ebay sees tracking as delivered and debits paypal account. I spend hours and weeks fighting for seller protection. Ebay says you lose, buyer wins. Avoid ebay and paypal at all costs. They are the devil in disguise. This is the easiest way to never get scammed by a buyer, or eBay. Always transfer your money straight to your bank account the minute it shows in your paypal account. They can NOT take money from your bank account if they decide a case against you.

The worst you lose this way is your paypal account. You cannot make changes to the account until you fix the negative balance. I thought about making a new account, but in the end I figured it would be easier to just pay the money. As a seller I transfer all funds from PayPal to my bank as soon as I can.

I sell all kinds of stuff on eBay but mostly vintage wristwatches. HAD one recent buyer say one of my watches was broken when it wasn't and accused me of being deceptive in the description of the watch. The issue was the holes that take the pins needed a flanged pin and I offered it in the sale and he just didn't like the watch but said it was defective.

Since the listing said no refunds I refused to give one. When I made the listing that option was given by eBay. So eBay didn't even look at my listing and sided with the buyer and said I had to refund his money. I said no and I don't care if they take me off as a seller cause I did everything right. After 2 weeks of back and forth emails eBay finally sided with me. EBay has become a pain in the butt for sellers so much so that I don't sell that often on it anymore. Not to mention all the counterfeit products being sold on it and eBay doing absolutely nothing about it. Also seems eBay goes out of its way to take down some of my listings saying they are prohibited but when I type in the search of my item I always find more.

Now I sell most of my high end watches at a local auction house. It's safer but a little inconvenient. Oh yea, I also sell boxes that products came in. Mostly firearms boxes. Collectors are usually the buyers of the boxes. Please read entire description of listings. Seems As is and no return is nothing to ebay Khali dabba bhejkar paise ka ghotala kar raha hai. Koi sunne wala nahi hai. Ebay sellers have multiple accounts. Those Chinese websites sellers have more accounts than they can handle.

Ebay sellers login times a day but those Chinese Webs can only login 1 time a day! However a lot of those Chinese web sellers have accounts in Ebay and Amazon too. I agree Chinese webs sellers are more targeted by conmans because these is a chinese web after all and the control is more lenient. The chinese webs are not invested in catching culprits, conmans and scams. It is a painful in the ass because they process everything very much longer and not user friendly than Ebay and Amazon. The customer services in these Chinese are just wasting your time because they cannot do anything and will always end up asking you to submit the claims or reports yourself.

These reports and claims are very difficult to submit and must upload picture files to prove! Then after hard time submitting the reports or claims, you have to wait again for weeks to months for these Chinese webs creeps officer to crawl in and handle.