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Sorry about that Link to read me page with more information. Find out why Candelari's is one of the best pizza places in Houston, TX. Our Italian restaurants offer great family dining, pizza buffet, delivery, catering and more. Order now. Are you hoping to find some of the best pizza places and Italian restaurants in Houston, TX? Does your family love the taste of authentic Italian food?

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Deep dish with Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and provolone topped with pizza sauce. Meatball Sub. It's about as likely as the city suddenly adopting zoning. Can a vegan person get a good meal at this restaurant? Just enough cheese, just enough crust, just enough grease. Italian sausage, black olives, pepperoni, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and green olives. South African, Traditional American, American.

Hand-tossed woodfired pizzas? Hand-made, old school Italian sausage? These include:. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share!

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Pointing out to the manager presumably - he was wearing a black collared shirt while everyone else on the wait staff had on a white collared shirt that since we'd been waiting 20 minutes and didn't even have any water, our first round of drinks ought to be comped, he agreed - but acted as if he was doing us a favor.

And then he took our order without writing it down and promptly forgot to bring one of the drinks. So my friend had to actually get up from the table and walk over to him and ask for her drink.

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Find out why Candelari's is one of the best pizza places in Houston, TX. Our Italian restaurants offer great family dining, pizza buffet, delivery, catering and more. WEST U. MONDAYS. Mondays - Steak & Ale $20 10oz Black Angus New York Strip Steak with a side of scalloped potatoes and grilled vegetables, then add a.

Then we waited another 10 minutes before the waitress came over and we were able to order. It took over 40 minutes for our order three pizzas and a couple of salads to be served. Totally ridiculous. And the pizza?

David Monte's NY Pizzeria

Expensive and mediocre. During the course of the entire evening our water glasses were refilled only once, our waitress was completely scatterbrained and checked back on us only once There were multiple servers on the floor I would NEVER go back there again and strongly recommend that no one else wastes their time or money there either! We went to Candelari's last night intending to have pizza there.

Parking was a nightmare I don't like to valet park. When we went in, it was so loud and extremely hot in there we then decided to get it to go instead. We stood in line to order our pizza, but then were very confused as to the whole process you stand in line to order and get your own drinks, but there are waiters everywhere, makes no sense. The girl taking our order was VERY confused about everything and did not give us either an order or take our name.

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Finally one nice waiter noticed our confusion since we were standing around waiting on our pizza there is no place to wait for to go orders, the bar was full with some sort of meeting. He went and checked on it for us and at least gave us an update. When our pizza was finally done and we got it home, both pizzas in our order were wrong close, but both missing toppings that we ordered and paid for. Overall, the food was good but not worth the hassle. This place has good food, but the hybrid service puts a damper on the whole experience.

They actually have to have signs explaining the concept. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but that would make too much sense.


Essentially, they created another step in the ordering and paying process which results in a longer wait time for your food. Too bad - used to be a favorite of mine. If you're looking for NY style thin crusted pizza, then Candelari's is the place for you. I've only use their delivery service which is always prompt, and they've always gotten my order correct.

Candelaris Pizza

The pizza really does remind me of NYC. I love Candelari's pizza but their salads are a bit lame. Anyone who has complained about Candelari's customer service is too uptight.

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This spot is great for happy hour. It's a place to relax and enjoy the company your with. They hybrid service update is an interesting move for them and I'm curious if they will keep it up. I prefer the old system because I like being left alone. On the otherhand, it is nice to have someone refilling your water glass and bringing you another glass of wine. I go about once a week straight after work and enjoy myself everytime.

I just went last night. New hybrid service?

Candelari’s: Houston Pizza Places & Italian Restaurants [Order Now]

Who thinks of this stuff. The absence of service is why we went to begin with. No one bothered you. We went because we could sit there for a while after we ate and have drinks with out a the wait staff trying to rush you out. Now you order at the counter with no number. Who knows how they know where to bring the pizza. Ours got all mixed up and went the wrong table. We waited for our pizza for an hour until they figured it out. Also the pizza is more expensive now. We had a big group with different pizzas and the pepper was the only thing we all had in common.

Needless to say its a sad day we used to come here all the time probably once a week with big groups people. Add a Photo.

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